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Iron Ore Fe 57% Iron Ore Fe 55% Iron Ore Fe 53%  




UREA 46%N Oxalic Acid Glacial acetic acid Formic acid
Copper sulfate Cooper oxide Chrome oxide green Carbon black
Zink sulfate Sodium sulfate Sodium hydrochloride Sodium hexametaphosphate
Quik-dissolved......... Sodium silikate Potassium .metasilicate Zink oxide Titanium dioxide
Litophone Iron oxide red Paraffin wax PVC resin
Polyethylene Colophony Pentaerythritol Polypropylene



LED for Outdoors LED for Indoors LED for Industrial LED for Streets
LED for Parks LED for Arch. LED for Decor LED Fito
LED built in LED for Traffic LED Ready-to-Use Waterproof LED